Supplying Artwork

You can supply your own artwork by using our file upload system (max file size 2gb) or if you have had the artwork designed by a 3rd party get your designer to email it to: (max file size 10mb) please read the following guidance before submitting artwork.

Uploading your files.

Upload your files via our Upload Your Files Upload Your Files (Maximum file size 2gb!).

Your order number (above) must accompany any files you send, if you do not clearly state your order number printing may be delayed. If you are having problems with our file upload system you can send your files to: . Please ensure your order number (above) is placed in the subject. if you do not clearly state your order number printing may be delayed.



By the time your job files gets in our hands, all edits should be finalised, the copy (text) carefully proof read and all design issues should be settled. We are not responsible for proof reading any submitted jobs and we will not take any responsibility for any copy or design errors committed on your part. Its for this reason we do not, as a rule, supply you with a proof of artwork that you have sent to us (it wastes valuable time) after all you have sent the artwork to us, you know what it looks like!

If you still require a PDF proof (request one at the time of ordering and allow a further 24 hours turnaround time). If your job is colour critical please order a Sherpa proof (extra cost) for your approval (this will add at least 4 days to any turnaround times quoted). We do not accept colour issues regarding orders placed without a Sherpa Proof.


File preparation

Sending us print ready files is easy if you follow these simple steps

1. A 3mm border containing no live area (mission critical text and graphics) must be allowed for trimming. (This is known as the bleed). You can get more information and help on bleeds by clicking here.
2. Front and Back of document should be setup as two separate pages, do not create both sides in a single file unless supplying a PDF.
3. Files should be setup at a minimum of 250dpi resolution. If your file is at a lower resolution call Customer Service for advice on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back .
4. Files must be saved in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & blacK) format. If supplied in any other format we will convert to CMYK and some colour change my occur.
5. All large solid Black areas, if possible, should be composed as a combination of C 30%, M 30%, Y 30%, and K 100%.
6. We support the following file formats:
Adobe Photoshop .jpg for full colour flyer, leaflet or poster printing. & .tif files
Adobe Photoshop PSD files must have all text layers flattened.
Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) - Fonts converted to outlines/curves.
CorelDRAW (must be saved as .ai for Illustrator files) - Fonts converted to curves.
Adobe InDesign (.indd) Exported as a PDF (When exporting as a PDF please ensure the bleed is included).
Adobe PageMaker (.pmd) Exported as a PDF (When exporting as a PDF please ensure the bleed is included).
Publisher (.pub) and Word are not acceptable but can be accepted if exported as a PDF (When exporting as a PDF please ensure the bleed is included). Instructions and software on exporting to PDF can be found here.
We also accept the standard industry formats: .eps .pdf .tif .jpeg.
We are unable to accept files from Powerpoint (Powerpoint is screen presentation software and is not designed for professional print use. Colour accuracy and image rendering cannot be ensured) If you still wish to send files from Powerpoint you can output them as PDF files. Instructions and software on exporting to PDF can be found here.

If you are sending single sided artwork for a double sided job we will leave the reverse blank. If you require the same file to be printed both sides you will need to contact us by email when ordering (We will not accept notification by telephone).


I have a PC, can I create PDF's using any application?

Yes! Use this really cool application: PrimoPDF, Its FREE and it works....don't forget PDFs are convenient, safe and the fastest way to supply print ready files to us. PrimoPDF installs itself as a virtual printer in the Windows® Printers and Faxes device group. This allows any software with print functionality to output files to PrimoPDF for quick and easy PDF conversion. You can get instructions on using PrimoPDF here


File sizing

The size of the file prior to cutting or folding should be the same as the document size listed in the product information page plus 3mm on each edge bleed (if your print requires bleed). You can get more information and help on bleeds by clicking here. For example, an A6 postcard should be set up on a 154x111mm page not A4. The resolution should be set at 250dpi(ppi) minimum. You must allow a 3mm border containing no live area (important text and graphics) for cutting purposes.


A and SRA sizes

A Sizes

A1 594 x 841mm
A2 420 x 594mm
A3 297 x 420mm
A4 210 x 297mm
A5 148 x 210mm
A6 105 x 148mm
A7 74 x 105mm

SRA Sizes
SRA1 640 x 900mm
SRA2 450 x 640mm
SRA3 320 x 450mm
SRA4 225 x 320mm
SRA5 160 x 225mm


Bleeds explained

Bleeds are a little tough to get your head around initially so we have tried to explain them in as simple a terms as possible.

The bleed is the area of the artwork that will be trimmed off. If you do not provide bleed your print will have white edges on it as the guillotine blade bends 1-1.5mm through the paper stack when trimming. By using our templates you will ensure text/images are not trimmed off.
Below is a illustration of bleed and why it is required:

Wrong Artwork ______Wrong Artwork

Wrong Flyer ______Correct Flyer


Including fonts

PDF's should be created using the "Embed Fonts" option, this includes font information with the file.

All other file types should have type (paths or curves) must be converted to outlines (paths) this allows us to output your files without your fonts.

If this is not possible you will need to send the fonts with the file.


What software do you recommend for creating my print ready artwork?

There are lots of software packages available (some freeware, some shareware and some commercial) we have listed below links to the software we recommend:

Link to Graphic Converter - Apple photo software - Mac picture editor, photo editor, image editor, graphics conversion Graphic Converter - Apple photo software - Mac picture editor, photo editor, image editor, graphics conversion (30 Day Free Trial Software)

PhotoPlus 6.0 is the amazing photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance digital photos, create stunning bitmap graphics and even web animations PhotoPlus 6.0 - Windows Photo Manipulation Software. (Freeware)

The Adobe® Photoshop® family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images and transforming them into anything you can imagine. Adobe Photoshop - The Adobe® Photoshop® family The Industry Standard (from £569.88)


We can design it for you!

Prices do not include artwork (with the exception of Menu printing). If you require artwork to be provided by us you can do this by adding "Artwork Required, Our Designers Will Create A Design For You" to your order. Once you complete payment email us your copy (text), images & instructions...only do this after checking the following criteria has been met: Complete the order online selecting the "Artwork required, We will create a design for you" option at the bottom of the product screen, complete payment (we are unable to start any work until we have payment in full for the order).
Send us a detailed email with the following details:

Your Required Brief....describe in as much detail as possible what you require, how you require it to look and any preferred colour schemes.
All The required text including numbers and dates (if applicable).
Any Images & logos you require on your artwork.
Our designers have a limited time to work on your artwork because we charge a fixed price to carry it out. Whilst our designers will search for images they are restricted as to what type of images they can use. We suggest you search and send us the images that you think are most suitable. The best places to look are: (Great free or nearly free image site) (Great Royalty Free paid for image site) (Good Royalty Free Image site, watch out though your credits "expire" after 1 year!!!!)

Or Search online for Royalty Free Images

Please note: When ordering and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you indemnify us against any copyright issues that may lie in your design, companies and individuals around the world take breaches that do occur very seriously so take care when searching and downloading images from the web....please ensure its either Royalty Free or that you have the copyright owners permission.


Why use a 3rd party designer?

We would love the opportunity to create your artwork but if you require a specific design, have an established corporate image or are just pedantic about the curve on the C. Our designers, while highly competent will not carry out artwork without an order and will provide only one design for the fee. We can then charge for another design service if you require a new design.

If you require a choice of designs its best to use a 3rd party designer...they will be able to spend time getting things perfect but please get a quote first before going ahead as some designers can be very expensive.

We work with hundreds of 3rd party designers every week and the combination of a 3rd party designer and us as your printer can save you alot of time and money.