Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed. Listed below are our most frequently asked questions (the questions and answers below cover 97% of all the questions asked by email and telephone). To offer you the best Customer Service possible please check your question is not answered below...If you have any questions not answered below please do not hesitate in calling us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back or .

  • I am looking for a flyer but am unsure what
  • Whats the difference between the paper weights?
  • What is imprint?
  • I have been quoted much, much more by a printer locally?
  • I am after a bespoke job can you help?
  • Its Thursday 1.30pm I am desperate for some flyers for Friday night...I have print ready!
  • Is my information safe?
  • How do I order?

    Ordering printing from could not be easier! However if you are a new customer, or are unfamiliar with the ordering process, take a few moments to look over our simple step by step How To Order.

    If you have any questions please call Customer Services on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back .


    Uploading your files.

    Upload your files via our Upload Your Files Upload Your Files (Maximum file size 2gb!).

    Your order number (above) must accompany any files you send, if you do not clearly state your order number printing may be delayed. If you are having problems with our file upload system you can send your files to: . Please ensure your order number (above) is placed in the subject. if you do not clearly state your order number printing may be delayed.


    I like the prices and I have print ready files how long will it take to be delivered?

    Our turnaround times differ depending on the product and the quantity but here is a general outline of turnaround times:

    • Digital Products & Next Day Flyers Next Day (if ordered and files supplied by 10am)...So if you order on Monday at 9.30am you will receive your digital and Next Day Flyer print Tuesday by 5.30pm (weekdays only, excludes public holidays). If you order 10.05am Monday you will receive your digital and Next Day Flyer print on Wednesday by 5.30pm.

      The deadline for delivery of digital or Next Day Flyer orders by Friday 5.30pm is 10am on Thursday (This is the latest deadline possible for guaranteed Thursday despatch, unless you choose and pay for Deadline Stretch)...If you order after 10am Thursday you will receive your digital Next Day Flyer print order on Monday (in certain circumstances we can deliver on Saturday AM for a surcharge you'll need to call us to pay for this if you did not select the Saturday AM option during the order process)

    • Leaflets and Posters 3 days (if ordered and files supplied by 10am)...So if you order on Monday at 9.30am you will receive your litho flyers or posters Wednesday by 5.30pm (weekdays only, excludes public holidays). If you order 10.05am Monday you will receive your litho flyers or posters on Thursday by 5.30pm.
    • Envelopes & Brochures 5 days (if ordered and files supplied by 10am)...So if you order on Monday at 8.30am you will receive your order on Friday by 5.30pm (This is subject to stock availability).

    • Saver Leaflets and Flyers are despatched on the 5th working day so will arrive 6 working days from order. Order a Super Saver at 9.00am on the Monday and you will receive it on the following Tuesday.

    Please note the day of order is not counted as day 1 if the order, payment and artwork are received after 10am. Working days exclude weekends, bank holidays and national and public holidays.


    I like the prices but I require you to design my artwork, how long will it take for my proofs to arrive?

    • We are more than happy to produce your artwork for you and have a team of skilled creative designers for just this purpose. If you require any artwork there is a minimum charge (depending on the product) which is available as an option at the bottom of the product page.
    • We normally take 3-5 days to produce proofs. Our team of designers work hard to produce creative artwork and so proofs can sometimes take longer than this. If your print is urgent please call us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back before ordering to get an current lead time on artwork.
    • We do not undertake any artwork without an order for print. We are also unable to undertake prospective artwork (artwork with the assumption that if you like the design you will place the print). If this is something you think you may require its probably best for you to seek a 3rd party designer or use a design agency, get them to produce your artwork (pay the fees) and then get them to send us your artwork.
    • Once we have created your artwork and if for any reason your artwork does not proceed to print we will refund the print and delivery element of your order we will not refund any artwork fees under any circumstances.


    I have online printers in the past, the quality left a lot to be desired! Is your quality is up to standard?

    We guarantee the quality of all our products. Check our Satisfaction Guarantee. We are able to offer a Satisfaction Guarantee confident in the knowledge that our print quality is superior to any printer claiming to provide similar products.

    • We print all of its orders in the UK at its purpose built plant. By time served, Heidelberg trained and qualified press minders. We do not send print work out and we do not print broker (buying and selling press time from local trade printers)....we definitely do not send print to Eastern Europe where the, sometimes, results are questionable!
    • We have invested heavily in the latest pre-press, press and finishing systems.
      • Pre-Press: Our design studio outputs directly to a state of the art Computer To Plate system, no need for films, speeding up pre-press and increasing image quality. All our jobs are run at 200 line screen (lpi) and output using stochastic screening techniques, improving image clarity enormously.
      • Press: Our Heidelberg Speedmaster presses have fast plate change systems built in. Our make ready times are less than 15 minutes for a full colour job....this reduces the turnaround and increases print quality as the registration is 100% from the 1st sheet to the last. (So the pile of print will be consistent from top to bottom). All Our 4 Colour presses include an inline coating unit which means your print, if required, can be varnished inline to protect the image and reduce waiting times before trimming and handling (All 5000 Flyer runs include machine varnishing as standard and at no extra cost).
      • Finishing: Our finishing department uses the latest machinery to ensure you print is of the highest quality at the fastest possible speed. All our staff are trained in our ISO9002 Quality Assurance systems, this enables any member of staff spotting an issue knows where to go and how to get it corrected.
    If you are still unsure of the quality of our print Order a Sample Pack and see the quality first hand!


    I like your prices but would like a different stock (paper) is this possible?

    We offer a vast array of different papers and boards for our products. If you require something a little different we can print on anything paper you require, we are happy to quote for this (we quote normally within 60 minutes from 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

    For most flyers & leaflets we find our standard 300gsm gloss art board or 130gsm gloss art stock are most suitable and are the least expensive (as we print on these stocks in bulk) as we print your job with other customers jobs.

    If you specify a different stock we will quote for this and your job will be printed specially for you and will, usually, cost more.


    I am looking for a flyer or leaflet but am unsure what

    Choosing the size of your flyer or leaflet depends primarily on what it is intended for. Night club flyers, for example, are normally A6 as this size is easy to distribute and fits easily in pockets and handbags.

    Business applications tend to use A5 and A4 format as they integrate well with standard brochure sizes. If the budget is critical, why not go for a smaller flyer like a Slim Jim or an A7. If you are unsure just call our us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back and we will help you decide.


    Whats the difference between the paper weights?

    We specify paper and card - or stock as it is called in print, in weight measurements of “gsm”, which is in “Grams per Square Metre” and then state the surface finish.

    Whilst the thickness and stiffness is not in a direct relationship with this weight measurement, for instance two types of stock at 300gsm can be marginally different in thickness and stiffness, this weight can be used as a “rule of thumb”.

    Standard office printer paper is 80gsm whilst our most popular flyer stock is 300gsm so is much, much thicker and stiffer than office paper. Generally speaking the higher the “gsm” the thicker and stiffer the paper or card, although one paper manufacturers stock of a given weight may vary slightly from another manufacturers of the same specification.

    Regarding the effect of the surface finish, the rule of thumb for this, is that coated stock, whether gloss, silk or matt will be marginally thinner, but probably stiffer than uncoated stock of the same weight.

    We would generally specify (or for bespoke work advise you) on the best stock for the type of job in hand. So whilst not the perfect measure, as a rule of thumb, a papers (or stocks) GSM rating is a good guide to show how thick or stiff the paper will feel to touch.

    For more details check out our Papers & Stocks guide page.

    If you need help choosing a paper give us a call 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back .


    What is Imprint? I resell your products how do I ensure my order is not imprinted?

    Imprint is a line of type indicating who printed the flyer/leaflet/poster. We do not imprint on any of our printed products. Over 60% of our products are resold by graphic designers and agencies. We do not imprint, we deliver all print in plain (unidentifiable) packaging and we deliver to the address you specify...oh, and we never, ever, ever attempt to contact your customers.

    Reselling our products is a great way of earning extra money from your designs...if you sell alot of print we want to hear from you!


    I have been quoted much more locally. Are these prices correct?

    The prices quoted on the website are correct and the the all in price includes delivery to 1 UK mainland address & VAT (if applicable).

    You may have been quoted much more by a local litho printer because they may not employ the same "ganging and batching" methods that we have developed...the job is guaranteed to be as good as or better than a printer locally...thats guaranteed!


    I'm after a bespoke job...can you quote?

    No Problem!

    Just email the specifications of the quote to and we will get back to you, normally within 60 minutes or so (during busy periods quotes can take up to 24 hours, but we'll let you know if your quote is going to be delayed). Please note quoting is available 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

    If you need help or advice about your specifications for quoting please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back we'll be glad to take you through it and explain the various options available.


    Its Thursday 1.30pm I am desperate for some flyers for Friday night...I have print ready!

    We are in the business of printing fast! in these kind of circumstances we can help! It is for this very reason we invested in 2 high capacity digital presses. This press enables us to provide very high quality quick print on demand...if you are in desperate need for something call us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back and we will try to help!