Our Guarantee's

The following form an integral part of and should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.

We are 100% committed to providing you with the fastest possible service while still achieving the best designs and the best quality printing with the best value for money online.

Our entire service is based on the ethos that every job is urgent! If you have any questions please call us on 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back or info@PrintManiac.co.uk .

  • Quoted work and special orders
  • Our flyer stock guarantee
  • Our Quality Guarantee

    Ordering your print from us means you benefit from our unique Quality Guarantee.

    If you are not 100% happy with the printing quality, contact customer services 0845 4594236 Request A Call Back or email us at info@PrintManiac.co.uk . detailing the problem and a member of our Management Team will contact you straight away to find a speedy resolve to your problem.

    If the problem has been caused by our systems or we have made an error we will re-print and re-supply Free of Charge using the artwork file we hold, at the first possible opportunity.
    ...That's our quality guarantee!

    We will at this point arrange to collect the original consignment (usually at the same time as delivering the replacement).

    Please note: We do not accept responsibility for moderate colour variations from that which your monitor may show as, unless this is calibrated, it will certainly not be accurate. There will also be a colour shift if you have not supplied us with a CMYK version of your file. Due to the batch printing methods used to achieve the value-for-money pricing, we also cannot guarantee absolute colour consistency between jobs not ordered at the same time. More details on such problems are in the artwork section of our help pages.


    Our despatch guarantee

    We have different guarantees for different products - please ensure that you are aware which type of guarantee applies to your order (this is indicated on the product pages).

    All product lead times and despatch guarantees are given on the understanding that our commitment is to ensure that your product is completed and ready for despatch at a time which would ensure delivery to you by the indicated time, provided that the sub-contracted courier achieves their scheduled performance.

    See “Why our turnaround guarantees only apply up to the despatch point.” for further details.


    Same day despatch

    We offer a same day despatch service on all Next Day Flyers, where we have received completed payment and print ready artwork before 10am.

    Customers who miss the deadline, or whose artwork is not suitable, will be notified by 1pm and their order scheduled for the following production run. This will mean that the Flyers will not be despatched same day.

  • Same say is only offered on Next Day Flyers and most types of digital products, the product page indicates the correct turnaround for the product and quantity you require.
  • Finishing other than cutting is not available on a same day service.
  • Laminated products are not available on a same day service.
  • This service does not include delivery on Saturdays, although this is available by telephone arrangement (or by selecting the special delivery surcharge form the product options on the product page) and at extra cost. It is not available for Sunday or Bank Holiday deliveries.
  • If a refund is requested on this service, due to late payment or late or unsuitable artwork, there will be a handling charge of £10.
  • Our liability for being unable to provide this service due to any unforeseen circumstance(s) will be limited to a full refund of the amount paid.

    All deadlines for goods delivered via carriers or couriers are given in good faith and our first priority is to give a service to our customers which is second-to-none. We use sub-contractors for our deliveries who have proven to be consistently reliable however, with even the best organisations problems may occasionally occur.

    To avoid disappointment when expected or time critical goods are delayed, please order as far in advance as possible - just in case the unexpected does happen! Where we do not apply a separate charge for the carriage of some products, for missed delivery deadlines which are attributable to ourselves or our sub-contractors we will, at our discretion, refund the cost we are charged for the carriage by crediting via the original payment method and details.

    Under no circumstances will either ourselves or our sub-contractors accept claims for any consequential losses which may be incurred by missed deadlines, however caused.

    This is our agreement with our sub-contracted Carrier: Our carrier will attempt to complete delivery once on the date of delivery and before any prescribed time, which for normal deliveries is 5.30pm. Deliveries normally start at 8am and if the driver is unable to access the premises (for example the common area of a flat is inaccessible), if there is no way of contacting you or if you are unavailable to sign for your delivery, our carrier will be unable to leave the package.

    The driver will then leave a card if the facility exists and will make a note of the nature of the delivery access door for reference.

    If it is the first delivery attempt our courier will automatically try and redeliver the next working day (excluding Saturdays). If this is the second card you have received then it will be necessary for you to collect your parcel(s) from your local depot. Check out our Delivering Your Print pages for more details on our carriers procedures.

    If the delivery has failed due to no one being available or the premises were inaccessible, our turnaround guarantee will not apply.


    Quoted work and Special Orders

    The delivery schedules for all specifically quoted work and work requiring special treatment will be stated at the time of quotation and will be subject to our Terms and Conditions.

    Most jobs are printed on the “next available” print run after receipt of full payment and print ready artwork. This will normally result in artwork received by 3pm on a given day, being printed during the following night shift, for cutting, packing and despatch the following day, for delivery the day after. This is not a guaranteed service and can vary by up to a day during busy periods and if extra finishing is specified.

    The normal delivery schedules for each type of work are stated on the product pages.

    Note: If your order requires laminating or other finishing (creasing, drilling, folding or perforating) an additional 24 hours turnaround will be required. You will be kept informed of the progress of your order by Customer Services (Customer Services will update the progress online and you will receive order status notifications via email).


    Our flyer stock guarantee

    In common with most printers of flyers, we quote a stock weight of 300gsm. 300gsm means that 1 square metre of the stock weighs 300 grammes. This is a nominal figure and most paper manufacturers only guarantee this plus or minus 10%; i.e. the stock can be anywhere between 270gsm and 330gsm.

    This weight figure does NOT indicate the thickness or stiffness of the stock, (the most obvious attribute by which most people judge the quality), which means that one make of 300gsm stock will be a different thickness to another manufacturers 300gsm. It is also no measure of the whiteness or the gloss level which is another important consideration we have to take into account.

    To be able to offer our very competitive prices, we source our stock from various suppliers depending on who is the most competitive when we place our contracts.

    To ensure that we have a yardstick by which to judge these various stocks, we base our purchasing decisions on the specification of Arjo Wiggins Maine Gloss. This is a high quality stock which is specified as 300gsm and has a thickness of approximately 230 microns.

    We guarantee that we will not use any stock which has a thickness specification of less than this or which has a subjectively different whiteness or gloss level, which may affect the printed result.